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I am no stranger to spiritual warfare; and I spent far too many years living in fear. Actually, fear was the driving force that led me to God. It is also the impetus behind the writing of The Hobble.  I’m glad something good came of it. Yes, God has won the victory over every wile of the Enemy; still He ‘trains our hands for war’ (Psalm 144:1).   I know I was born into a battlefield! Oddly, the adverse situations of my life have proven to be ‘gain’, especially to give me an eye-opening revelation of the all mighty, mountain-moving God that I serve.

While I do not have a physical affliction as does my main character, Electa, I can identify with her trauma of being flawed. Within me was a real sense of shame and worthlessness. There was torment in the idea of exposure.  My attempt to deny and go the route of victim only made my situation worse. Issues of rebellion and pride eventually came into view.  Part of the human experience, they are an absolute downfall in God’s Book.  As Electa needed to be made aware of the crippling effects of inherent sin with its default ‘bent’ contrary to God’s design for a good life – one that lasts forever – so did I. The ‘means’ are never fun, but they can be divinely used to instruct one in the process of learning how to soar like an eagle.

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