The Hobble


This is an amazing story of love, pain and God’s unknown help. We all learn the truth eventually; he never left us nor does he ever forget us. My main love of this book is how Andrea has written God into a normal life walking among humans.” Beth’s Wild and Crazy Book Reviews

Maintaining a resilient spirit through several losses, Electa loses all hope when a minor accident ends both a promising career in The Performing Arts and a promise of marriage. As bitterness grows, she begins to believe God has left her by the wayside of life. But this could not be further from the truth. For God, always desiring the best for Electa, had the perfect place already prepared where she could realize and possess even more than what she wanted. Though the reality was yet a mystery, it would unfold at one particular Inn. Her curiosity initially stirred by the Innkeeper’s unusual offer to accommodate complete strangers at no cost, what Electa would discover was a phenomenon, making all the difference in the world she knew, and making up the differences in her.

What if there really is life beyond this world in either heaven or hell, as God says. Wouldn’t you want to know the way to heaven; and wouldn’t you want God to do whatever it takes to prevent you from making the greatest mistake of your life. This is Electa’s story. How she stumbled upon the truth and came out of the darkness. Hopefully, the reader will find some comic relief in what is a life and death matter. God does have a sense of humor.